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Originally Posted by greasy rider View Post
Sorry for the long post.

I took my t800xc in for the 6000 mile service yesterday. When leaving to today after picking the bike up i immediately notice that the check engine light came on and that the speedometer was reading zero at any speed. I promptly turned around and headed back to the dealer where they pulled it in the shop and started looking at it. They got back with after a half hour ( kudos for the quick diagnosis ) and this is the story i got. When they hooked the bike up to the computer to check for any codes and sync the throttle bodies the computer prompted for a tune update. The tech went ahead and let triumphs auto configuration program run and loaded the new tune. The explanation gets kind of fuzzy at this point,but in the end the non abs tune ended up on a abs bike and since the abs models pull the speed from the wheel sensors and not the crankcase sensor the tune isn't able to give the computer a vehicle speed. The computer also kicks a check engine light for a speed sensor fail because their isn't a speed sensor on the bike to read. The computer wont let them load the right tune so they are going to call triumph in the mourning to see what they can do. I planned on leaving for a 4day trip/vacation in the mourning and am now frustrated and need a drink.
Isn't there software out there that will let you correct this?

Oh yeah, I guess you would need an OBD connector to do this. I have one that came with my Cobb Accessport that tunes my Subaru WRX. I am thinking of downloading the software so that I can maintain this kind of stuff myself. You can also find out what kind of coded triggered the check engine light with a tool like this.

BTW, Autozone or a similar type of shop may have one you can borrow so that you can do it yourself. I am sure there is a lot of info on the forums about this.

That being said, I will be going to my dealer soon for my 6000 mile. How much $ did it run you?

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