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Originally Posted by isaac004 View Post
Ok, per the suggestion of inmates here I did verify a few things:
-With the front axle clamp loosened (and the axle tight), I still experience the same stiffness.
-I purchased a Motion Pro Fork Alignment Gauge, which verifies that the forks are parallel when measured below the fender and just above the brake rotor.

I also noticed today a strange noise today, which I recorded. The noise sounds like a clunking during each compression/rebound. The "stiction"/drag I am feeling may be more related to damping then actual friction...kind of hard to explain.

Watch the video and let me know what you think. Notice the noise, and how I have to pull the bike up and "aid" it on its rebound to return to a somewhat normal ride height.

I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the Ricor Intimidators, be it product flaw or operator error.
When I was talking to Robert at Kiwi Suspension Solutions about them, he told me they looked at using them but noticed a clicking sound and traced it to the Intiminators poping out of there seats when the suspension is first compressed.
If you want to contact him His email is on there.
They won't use them because of this trait.
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