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Originally Posted by live2ridetahoe View Post
Isn't there software out there that will let you correct this?

Oh yeah, I guess you would need an OBD connector to do this. I have one that came with my Cobb Accessport that tunes my Subaru WRX. I am thinking of downloading the software so that I can maintain this kind of stuff myself. You can also find out what kind of coded triggered the check engine light with a tool like this.

BTW, Autozone or a similar type of shop may have one you can borrow so that you can do it yourself. I am sure there is a lot of info on the forums about this.

That being said, I will be going to my dealer soon for my 6000 mile. How much $ did it run you?

The invoice was 295 but i bought the dealer service plan when i got the bike. I ride enough that the 3 years free maintenance will pay for itself about twice over. So far seven months and 6000 miles. The only thing is that they are trying to get out of paying for the chain rubbing strip on the swing arm that the owners manual specifies to replace every 6000 miles. I need to pull the contract and re read what it says.

Edit: The contract has in big bold letters UNLIMITED SERVICES AS SPECIFIED IN OWNER'S MANUAL AT NO CHARGE TO THE CUSTOMER. As their is no disclaimer as to what applies and what doesnt i plan on taking the manual and contract with me the next time im their and let them look at the plainly worded replace at 6000. Im not usualy this much of an a$%hole but i dont like paying for stuff i dont recieve.

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