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Originally Posted by AlsoRan View Post
Thats exactly right. The bottom edge of my Shoei broke my collar bone while landing on my head on a trip over the handlebars. It took 6 months to join and then almost a year before it healed. It hurt for another year after that. I remember the doctor saying that "it's like an envelope that you seal, and if you break that seal before it fuses together it will take twice as long to heal".

I think one of those neck braces would work to protect the collar bone. I saw someone on a KTM990 wearing one on the freeway today.
If my 'stich shoulder armor extended another 2 inches or so, my injury would not have been so severe. (a 1.5" displacement means the bones were 1.5" away in the vertical plane).

Alternatively, there is no reason for modern helmets to be so hard on the bottom. A "skirt" of compressible armor may have prevented my clavicle injury.

IMO, helmet technology has hardly progressed in the last few decades. It's still a hard outer shell and and EPS inner shell. EPS, aka, "styrofoam" is mostly the same stuff in your beer cooler. See how it breaks down after a few years? That's part of the reason we're supposed to replace helmets every 5 years (that's nearly 100k for me!)

A Leatt brace is not practical for me. If Aerostich extended the shoulder armor a bit and if the bottom of the helmets were more flexible...then, there may be fewer broken collarbones. I'd rather my equipment absorb the impact rather than my bones.

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