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Hi Gang, I used the Search function and found some tid-bits. My DR has the stock tires still and they are pretty warn out. I am looking for some 50/50 tires, what rides well with the DR? I am considering the TKC and Maybe the Kenda Big Block. What type of miles do you guys get from these and what else do you suggest. Mainly for dirt roads, paved commuting and maybe some light singletrack.

It depends on what kind of surfaces you're riding. I run a cheap ($28), capable-in-dry-dirt Shinko 244 up front most of the time. It handles pavement well, wet or dry, and can be reversed if it starts cupping. It's no knobby in soft stuff or wet clay though. For that, I use an MX knob. In Florida, that means a $21 AMS Sand Snake. It grabs on mud, sand, clay, grass, deep gravel, riding buddies, small woodland critters, the sofa, and pretty much any other soft surface you can find. It doesn't do hard surfaces, like pavement, very well though. I ride it around town and on slab to get to trails, but it wears out much quicker than something like a Shinko 244, and I don't brake/corner hard on pavement with it.

I run a cheap, long-wearing DS tire in the rear...the $60 Kenda K761. I add extra grooves to the outer treadblocks on these, and make the shallow center grooves full-depth. While lateral traction isn't great offroad, it propels the DR surprisingly well through some nasty stuff if I can just keep it under me and stay on the gas. I got over 6K miles out of my last one, with tread still left on it. Some people see 10K+ miles with this tire.
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