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Thanks Mr DS! I am willing to wager you have some pretty phenomenal colors out your way too!
She [KIRA is what I call my bike] was originally all black, and the guy I bought her from [Toyboy], wanted to know if I wanted some color and offered either that orange, or the BMW blue to match the badge on the side of the tank, and it was a no brainer for me! I tend to be a colorful character by nature! He had it painted up for me and the rest as they say is History [or in this case "HerStory"! ]. She's gets compliments everywhere I take her.

WVH You know who you are! I've been by there twice now in the last five days, and every once and I while I could have sworn, I caught a glimpse, just a glimpse mind you, of that black beauty out of the corner of my eyes! But alas it was probably it's spirit riding the Rt, 50 near Rowelsburg, whining and howling that magnificent Austrian engine all lonesome up in them thar hills!

KITE my man! Where in the blazes you've been hiding? Secret mission somewhere out of country?
Don't tell I know you'd have to kill me if you did!
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