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I had the 12K service done at the dealer because I wasn't comfortable doing the valves myself. I got the bike home and 500ish miles later pulled the rear wheel to change the tire. Rear pads were shot. Toast. Maybe, 500 miles until grinding. Jeez.

I feel sorry for those that depend on dealers for service. They didn't mention anything to me about my brakes, then what? I know there are some good ones out there. Choose wisely folks! I took the old pads back and the sales guy was pissed. Unfortunately, he doesn't have much control over service at the Harley dealer
I just finished doing the valves on my wife's Street Triple, wasn't too bad, a little more room than on my Honda CBF, there's just a ton of connectors and hoses to get the air box off. All the valves were in spec so I didn't have to pull the cams, two were just at the spec but I figure within spec is within spec so they're good till next time. I got the bike all back together and tried starting it but no fuel pump? Had to go pick up my wife and it hit me, I had forgotten to plug in the spark plug coils. I was taking my time and being methodical but I must have tucked the connectors up out of the way while checking the valves. So now I have to pull the whole entire thing apart again! I really wish I could fire the guy or just yell at him, but it wouldn't do any good. At least I work cheap.
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