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i truly feel that a sportsbike is the safest because of the better brakes, better suspension and overall quality. But i do get the point where the comfortable speed zone moves up because the bike makes it easier.

Please keep firmly in mind that a sport bike is a race bike made street legal for the most part. There is no public roadway where you can even come close to using the bike for the purpose it was designed without being illegal within about 3 seconds and only in second gear.

Your statement above might be slightly true (brakes, suspension etc), but seriously contemplate whether your riding skills are up to using a sharp tool like a sport bike. Things happen very, very quickly on a high performance sport mototcycle, and I would bet money right now that you will be way behind the bike almost instantly if you get on the power. Decent modern street bikes all have very good brakes and suspensions, so that is not a good argument anyway.

Sadly, I have had occasions to literally police up the results of riders thinking they had the "right stuff" to take a high performance sport bike for a ride on public roads. One really bad failing of a lot of riders and car drivers is that they think they are way better than they actually are. If they were that good, they would have been on the international race circuit and not on a public roadway acting stupid and killing themselves. High performance suspensions and other gadgets on modern bikes will seduce you into exceeding your skill level so fast you will never know it until the instant you exceed the envelope, crash and die.

Save your life and marriage and get something much more reasonable that is designed as a street bike. If want a sport bike, make it a designated track-day bike and enjoy what the bike was built for, and let the wife know and agree to this. If your wife likes to ride with you, get something like a BMW RT or equivalent, and let her be part of the decision. Your life will be much happier by making it a joint project.

If you want a very sporty naked bike that can play with sport bikes and still makes a decent two-up street bike, go try a BMW R1200R Roadster. That is literally the most versatile bike BMW makes and does not promote. You can put the same luggage the RT uses and hide the sporty part of the bike from your wife because she will think you have a tourer. You will have way more fun on this bike and not have your wife scared sick you are going to kill yourself (with good justification in the high probability you will). You also mentioned you have children in this equation. That statement alone should discourage sport bikes until they are out of school.
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