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Originally Posted by greasy rider View Post
After looking up the part and seeing that its only six bucks it might be better just bite the cost instead of getting into a pissing match and ruining any sense of goodwill i have with the service department. Since i have to keep coming back for maintenance for the next two and a half years, or pay for the parts to do it myself.
I think if you went in there and started off the conversation with "Look, I'm not trying to be a hardass, but,....." you'd probably get the guide. If they still refuse, then, threaten to contact Triumph NA. The bottom line is that you paid good money for the service contract. They need to honor that.

I went through the same crap, with my GF's car and her dealer. She didn't spend the money, up front, for all these services only to have them try and skimp out of doing the work. Likewise, I paid for an OLF with complete chassis lube, on my truck. When I saw that the zerks hadn't been touched, I headed right back in and went through a heated discussion with the service advisor. He tried to blow it off as if the tech missed them. I corrected him and pointed out that he missed every single zerk on the truck, as I had already been under it checking. I further pointed out that the techs get bonuses, based on generated shop hours, and I don't appreciate paying for something that the tech decided to skip to save time. Now that both vehicles are out of warranty, I do all my own services. So many of these arrogant dealers treat customers as if they're dumbasses. It makes me sick.
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