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Why all this crap about what the CT is... sportsbike, trailbike, touring bike etc. It is what it is and does what it does probably very well. Does it really need to be compared with anything... no! Does it matter if it has less off road ability than the German alternative... no! Does it matter that it may be slightly faster, slightly slower, more comfortable, less comfortable than brand xyzee... not in my book!

It is what it is and that is probably a damn fine motorcycle that operates within parameters only 5% better or worse than all of its contempories except the Multistrada 1200 when it comes to its sporting prowess or conversely the KTM990 AdventureR when it comes to barrelling through bogholes in the bush.

Each bike in the genre has it's strengths and weaknesses and it's the CT's strengths (with DCT) that outweigh it's weakness's for me...

Hell when I think back to some of the rallies that we used to slip and slide our way into riding bog standard Honda Fours, Waterbottles and Kwacker Nines back in the early seventies, methinks todays crop of riders on their fancy computer laden dual-sport motorcycles are a bunch of cry-babies!

The bottom line is this, if you fit a set of Continental TKC80s to a CT, GS or Explorer, it will mostly be the better pilot who gets there first regardless of the bike being ridden! On the other hand, if I was riding Brisbane to Perth via the bitumen it would be the keys to the CT or the Explorer that I would grab before any of the Euro brands.
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