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Thanks for the kind words everybody. I appreciate it.

Yohan - The Tiger feels really nice, especially coming from a KLR. The KLR was great, and it took me many cool places, but the Tiger is a much, much nicer bike. I decided that I was pretty much done with trails filled with mudholes and ledge rocks as I don't heal very fast anymore. Getting the T800 vs. the XC will hopefully keep me primarily on the nice roads. Pretty much a toss up between the two of those but I preferred the tubeless tires and what I perceive to be the better cornering manners of the T800 so that's what I went with. Plus I really wanted the blue one.

Ducnut - I would swear that the boxes are exactly symmetrical as it looks like they are from the rear, but when I measured them the right side smaller box was 21 inches out from center, and the left side bigger box was 20 1/2 inches out from center. I understand what you are talking about and agree. You can't see the half inch when looking at the bike. I'm just borrowing the silver boxes from the dealer until the all black ones that I ordered come in. I looked at both colors on the bike, and prefer the look of the black boxes.

Riverman - More photos...

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