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zoom, jacket question,,I just bought firstgear catmandu and it is labeled the same size I normally wear but fits about a size bigger than I wear, and is a very hot jacket. Could you tell me How does the Kenya fit according to size of your other Jackets? wanting one a little liter than the Catmandu and thinking may need the smaller size.

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Hi Kpt,

I own a beige Kenya and recommend it highly. My previous jacket was an Aerostich Darien, which had two big flaws: the sleeves are way too wide unless you have arms like tree trunks (causing terrible flapping in the wind), and it was just plain homely.

The Kenya looks great and functions really well. It has been completely waterproof (in horrendous, prolonged downpours), and has some useful pockets and decent venting. The armour seems good and I would imagine the jacket will provide good protection in a crash. It fits me WAYYY better than the Darien ever did (more Euro fit, with broader shoulders and narrower waist).

The jacket's one and only weakness is it's too warm for temps above 75 or 80 degrees. Moving, and with the vents open, you'll be fine, but I have roasted many a time in traffic. However, I think any waterproof jacket is going to be uncomfortable in hot weather. I still wear the Kenya for all seasons for the protection and waterproofness.

All in all, the Kenya is a fantastic value, especially when compared to much more expensive jackets. It's no cheaply made bargain bin special. It's a solid, well-designed, versatile jacket.
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