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Originally Posted by Al Goodwin View Post
Please define "speed TRAP"..........
I believe "speed trap" is..... traditionally (perhaps universally)..... understood to mean a cop..... excuse me..... a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER..... using a speed detection device (radar or lidar)..... to determine the miles per hour at which any given vehicle is traveling. Though there's usually an implication of "entrapment"..... meaning somehow the operator of the detection device lured the operator of any given vehicle into committing a criminal act (in this case exceeding the posted speed limit)..... as the word "trap" in itself has a definition of "something by which one is caught or stopped unawares"..... speed trap..... as far as language goes..... is a perfectly correct expression.

The only people whom ever seem to be offended by the term "speed trap" are cops..... forgive me again..... are LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. Rather than nitpicking over citizens' word choices..... maybe they should direct their vitriol at all the policemen who are so easily swayed by fluttering eyelashes?

Obligatory photo.....

Y'all keep standing around bickering about which brand of bike is better. I'll be out riding my..... whatever.
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