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Originally Posted by Ua the Destroyer View Post
I agree. Also I would bet this is the most engineered/tested model of BMW motorcycle ever. It's predecessor has been the best selling model of all time, and I doubt they want to fubar it with a terrible first year on the new one. (probably why the long wait for this machine) Like all new machines though, it will still have some quirks that will show up as its weak points. You never know even some of the best tested vehicles have major flaws, but that has been decreasing every year. Also keep in mind that the development phase and costs of motorcycles is small compared to the automotive industry, since the sales numbers are so much smaller.

If I had the extra loot I would buy one of the first ones. I really like the looks of it in white with the wire wheels.
Someone told me they have been working on the water boxer engine for five years. Not sure if its true, but I hope so. But very good points about the fact that its BMWs best seller and they can't afford to have bad press on it. Fingers crossed as I'm #2 at my dealer.
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