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Originally Posted by procycle View Post
Suzuki calls for the same CDI part number from 1998 to current. 96 and 97 are a different part number but I don't know exactly what the difference is.

The anti-theft resistor is in the key switch which is also the same for 1998 to current with 96 and 97 being different. That makes me think that your SA mechanic is correct but it would only apply to 96 and 97 bikes. I couldn't find any mention of what year your bike is.

HERE are instructions for eliminating the factory key switch and replacing it with a simple on/off switch. Details for wiring in a separate resistor can be found there.
A million thanks, Jeff That's the info I was looking for
Yup, I scoured the parts fiche and found the same P/N for the CDI for all the model years, but your info sounds more reliable and thanks for the link, that's exactly what I wanted to know, how to bypass the ignition switch if need be and sounds like I can make into a proper anti-theft device I'll take all the parts I need from here.

My bike is a 1998, so I just made the cut for the current CDIs this means my 2006 CDI should work. Good, one problem solved.

The South African mechanic said he thought the resistor changed from a 400 ohm to 100 ohm but wasn't sure what year that change happened.
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