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Originally Posted by brianwheelies View Post
Glad I found this thread!

Started cycling a couple of months back on a Trek Hard Tail 4300.

Got the road bug because I like speed and distance so I found a brand new Gios Drop which turned out to be a cyclocross bike(I had no clue).

Usually put 70 to 100 plus miles per week with one longer ride of 40 to 80 miles per week. Working on getting to the century and possibly doing some touring.

So far it has received a rack, speedplay frog peddles(my knees have been saved!), shorter stem to reduce reach, and tomorrow will get a nashbar full carbon fork with FSA Gossamer brake. Also have saddle bags and lights.

Need to learn the art of hydration and nutrition here in the desert as well as get a seat that will coddle past 30 miles.

When I ride I always breathe through my mouth and it is always parched.

Any suggestions on a seat? I think I have narrow sit bones.

Also, touring groupset? It has Sora running gear with Sugino triple crank. I want less moving parts and tiagra or 105 dual chain ring, and assorted running gear.
I'm no expert like some here who really do know what they're talking about.

But regarding hydration, i've been led to understand that if your mouth feels dry you're already dehydrated. It's just not critically dehydrated like you see in the westerns or in Africa etc.

I get around that by taking a few sips about every five minutes or so. I try to eat something (granola bar, Gu gel, candy bar) every 30 minutes or so.

I have the advantage of riding the same route though. So I know my waypoints for food. I hydrate everytime I get stopped by a traffic light.
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