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Went out again last night.

The gods were against me. Wind in my face going downhill, dead legs, just couldn't work up any speed or spin. On the first longish downhill on Balboa I normally manage 19mph easily as i'm still fresh and its a slight downhill, but a long one. 17mph, and struggling at that. The lights are timed for 40mph. At 19 mph i'm squeezing in a sprint here and there and basically getting all greens. At 17, every light stops me. Wonderful.

I muddled through and felt stronger at the Victory/ Canoga junction. Great, just in time for my 6 mile slow uphill. I spun as best I could and was able to keep my speed about 1.5mph faster everywhere than in previous attempts, but this is in the middle portion of a 30 mile ride.
At the very top I was racing a clock I already knew had won; ~9 miles to go and 27 minutes to do them. I attacked Rinaldi like the four horsemen of the apocalypse were coming for me. I'd used up my legs pretty much but I was deadset on a respectable time regardless.

Foisted by the same road construction from ten days ago. Completely lost my momentum and will to live. Tucked my tail between my legs and took residential streets home.

30.3 miles. 2 hours 10 minutes. 13.9 mph average.

Turned out to be my second best time.

I can see now, how Lance was so effective when he was attacking on the uphills. They drain your will to live and some impudent asshole turning on the rockets just then is a sure fire way to win the mental race.

Bikes in the shop getting it's first service in the 5 years i've owned it. Thanks to my sporadic riding habits i've been able to get by on just a chain cleaning and reoiling now and then. Figured she deserved a lil pampering this time. Some hard miles are coming up on her.
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