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Originally Posted by DinX View Post
A quick question about the ST dimmer.

I plan on buying the 60's with the ST dimmer.
I have a Off/Lo/High handlebar switch.

I plan on wiring the dimmer to LO en wiring the HI (and maybe my high beam switch too) to the wire behind the dimmer. Will that work ?

And the ST dimmer, does it have a memory or not ? So if I switch to "Off", will it remember what state it was in? I plan on dimming the lights on 25% or something by default (on Lo setting) and not engaging some 100% strobe function after starting my bike again
The wiring will not work the way you have drawn. You need to add a relay that routes power around the dimmer, activated with the high beam.

The ST dimmer has a memory function, it will come on at the last setting, even if power is removed.
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