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Originally Posted by kraven View Post
Well, I don't think of myself as self-righteous. I just think that all you tourists should really stop and think about your attitudes. You're on a public highway with other people who have just as much right as you. The BRP is a scenic highway built purposely so people can amble along at 35 or 45 and enjoy the views.
No one owes you anything on either road.

That's not being self-righteous. It's just seeing the world for what it is. I don't think that Harley wagon trains have any right blocking traffic and having Road Captains block intersections like they're a parade.
I also don't think that anyone should have to make way for a guy on a sporting machine.

You want a parade, buy a permit and do it downtown. You want a trackday, go to a track. Otherwise, ride and be polite, enjoy the BRP and the dragon, and accept that sometimes you can't ride balls out because there are other people on the planet.


I find it funny that people treating the road like a track have the nerve to get mad at people treating a scenic byway like a scenic byway. I get it if someone is riding below the speed limit but at or right above the limit ? Pure selfishness. No one on a public road is obligated to ensure your ability to treat the road as a public race course nor should they be. Those that purposely block traffic while riding under the limit ? They are equally selfish.

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