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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Even ridden one of those on the street? My Husaberg 570 is a lot smoother....
Yeah, that's very true. But the lower weight rules off road. If you're on road why not have hp where's there's traction to use it?

I get what people want but it seems a stretch. A friend of mine is building a V-4 600cc engine for MotoGP and the target is 150hp and 300lbs. The engine is almost finished and is quite compact and he has a thread going here but he's pretty much paying for it himself so progress is slow. I'd like to get an engine from him and build an adventure bike around it and it would be more than anyone is asking - 350lbs and 120hp but it would probably cost what a Motus does and we've already seen (from that thread) that no one wants to pay that.

Big manufactures won't build for a small niche and small builders who do have to charge a lot more since there's no economy of scale. And people will bitch either way.

I fully agree that a lighter bike is more important than a more powerful bike - light weight is beneficial everywhere whereas power is only useful 20-30% of the time if that. Unfortunately we're in the middle of a horsepower war as it seems that's what people are buying.

I got no answer other than to ride a small bike off road and accept the compromise the 1190 offers.

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