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Originally Posted by YOUNZ View Post
I was thinking of a rig something like yours someday. Perhaps 2 old Honda 750 automatics controlled from one side.
It was after-the-fact that I realized I could have considered a twin-engine rig, but I suspect that would have put way too much weight forward of the third wheel (that could have not been given any lead without also setting the second engine ahead of the first). One thing I had considered, however, was the idea of adding a starter motor on the sidecar side to give the rig a reverse.

Originally Posted by YOUNZ View Post
Interesting, but off topic. In Pa., a sidecar is considered the same as any accessory, from a legal stand point. No different than a side mirror or saddle bag, according to the insurance agent. But, don't let that fool you, it will cost you a fortune to get a well constructed home built simple M/C trailer titled and tagged in Pa.
Yep, go figure!
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