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Great, Thanks, I was going to look up the T63, since the search function found those in my previous search!. :)

My buddy ran T63's on his KLR, and it handled a 1000+ mile trip that was 99.9% pavement without any complaints. After that, they still had plenty of tread left for us to go messing around in the desert. They aren't going to be great in the soft sand, but I don't think any 'dual sport' tire is going to be worth much in deep, soft crap.

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If you aren't playing in the mud, I'd look at the Shinko 705 and Full Bore Adv tires. Smoother on the pavement, enough tread for everything else, and better wear.
I run 705's on my DR650, and they're very awesome for what they advertise as being capable of. They're a solid 75/25 street/dirt combo, and if all you do is harder packed stuff, they won't let you down. Considering you can get a set of these tires shipped for the price of a single D606 rear, they're a complete steal. Still, if you want something offroad oriented, the 700's or 244's might be more worth consideration.
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