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Originally Posted by fastdadio View Post
OK ladies, I'll try to make this short. The OP got his panties in a bunch over a couple of fun blockers, and started an anti-HD thread. But it was actually a couple of old wings that were blocking his fun. We all seem to agree that it's not the bike but the riders mentality that leads to this all too common occurance. I see it like this, 75% of american drivers out there are a bunch of inconsiderate, self absorbed, distracted, selfish, non-driving assholes. Not only driving motorcycles, but every type of motor vehicle out there. Sad that we have one of the best highway systems in the world, with a majority population too unskilled and ignorant to use it, at times, to the point of being dangerous or deadly. As long as people in this country continue to consider driving as their "right" instead of the privilage that it is, this trend will never change and in my opinion will only get worse. Proper driver training is the key. We don't have that here. Our drivers training is a joke when compared to others. So, until changes are made in that direction, expect lots more of the same. And another thing, I really don't give a shit if you like my brand of motorcycle or not. I didn't buy it for you to like. So, STFU about it already.

A few corrections.

First, I don't wear panties.

Second, this thread was not started as an anti-HD thread, so get your panties out of a bunch. I don't dislike HDs. As I stated earlier, there is one in my garage now and I have owned a HD for the last ten years.

Third, there were multiple incidents. One was caused by Gold Wing riders, the others by HD riders.

Fourth, what I was attempting to express, apparently with limited success, is that I am beginning to see why there are so many who complain about HD riders, as there does appear to be a good number of them who are unwilling to be courteous enough to let someone by who would like to go faster than they are riding.

Now let me go see if I can figure out a way to express an honest opinion on here without it being misunderstood by half the people on the board. I don't mind people disagreeing with me. Hearing different opinions encourages me to rethink my own opinions and either strengthens them or motivates me to change them. So, all you guys who insist on riding slow and not letting me pass, could you at least post funny sayings on the back of your jackets so I'll have something to entertain me while traffic stacks up behind us?
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