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Here in Illinois, you can legally turn left on a red arrow if the sensor does not detect your scoot. The local chief of police also rides which helps matters with his underlings (although, I've never been pulled over).

I have found that if the in-road sensors are in a square or rectangular pattern, it helps to stop the bike directly over the left or right side of the sensor box (cut into the concrete). Now, the entire bike is above a 3' or 4' section of the sensor wire increasing the chances of it recognizing the scoot. This works with my wife's Reflex as well as my DR650 and VTR250. Some municipalities have gone to the circular sensor which makes it a little more difficult to place the bike over the maximum run of sensor wire.

You say the town is quite small. I would have a chat with the local LEO. As klaviator mentioned, you might ask to have the sensor adjusted.
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