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Originally Posted by Ogre_fl View Post
EFI bikes are not like KLR's/DR's/DRZ's

I wouldn't get your hopes up too much on a "proper" bigger tank (vs a strap on the side or rear rack type).
Particularly not an affordable one or one any time soon.

This bike holds the same amount of fuel in the same place (yea under the seat) as the G650/Sertao.
Ever see a tank for them?
Tourtech sells a 9 gal one..... for $2,600

The X-challenge with basically the same configuration only ever got the $800-900 Tourtech/Safari one.
The X-country never got one at all and it at least ran for a few years longer.

Safari might make one in time for $800, but I wouldn't count on someone like IMS making an affordable one.
I have a fuel injected Husky with a Safari tank. They are <$600 to your door shipped, the ugly ass IMS one is $<300. They also managed to make one for the KTM 690 for <$800.

I think the aftermarket for this bike is going to be slightly different than it would for the BMW crowd, especially at this price point. I can get past the weight on this thing, and certainly realize the segment it is being marketed to but I really wish someone would take an engine like this or the WR250 and stick it in a premium chassis with premium suspension. 7.5" of travel with unadjustable damping? yeck.

That being said I expect and hope this bike is successful. If husky can generate good cashflow for BMW then maybe the accountants will let some of the more wild ideas come to fruition.
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