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Originally Posted by Pedro Navaja View Post
What? Too much stuff in your rucksack? US Army Ranger School graduate here.
You Sir, have my respect. I know quite a bit about the Ranger course, and I have intense admiration for anyone who can complete that training! Ranger school is a real kick-in-the-nuts!

Serving in an infantry company, you learn really quick that ounces turn into pounds, and pounds = pain! And I know this translates to motorcycle travel as well. I know I mentioned it already, but I am literally gob-smacked at the amount of crap some people take on their moto-trips; simply unbelievable, i.e. huge panniers, topboxes, tank bags stuffed to the brim on a huge 700lbs. Beemer GS for one person going across the USA? I just don't get it.

I have Long Way Round and Long Way Down saved and I watch them with much pleasure. However, there is no facking way I would go around the world with such a huge/heavy machine with all the damn crap dear ole Charlie and Ewan carried; and I'm not even counting the huge SUV's full of $hit.

One more cheer for the Sherpa traveling philosophy!
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