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I run the Stug this morning for a bit before work. I got around 40k silver for one battle! Good thing it's paying good as I dumped the M26 last night, got the Patton, transferred my 200+% crew (retrained to 90%) and upgraded what I could with my xp, and transferred my vents and rammer. I have the top 90mm, but not the 105. I'm down one engine size too. So far I like it wayyyyyy better than the M26. It's quicker and faster and I can zip around the map more than I could with the M26. I got behind a KV4 and a T34 and pumped rounds into them, destroyed a Type 59 got behind a T95 and hit him than went arty hunting, got a shot into an S51 and he returned fire destroying me. I still made like 2k silver
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