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Originally Posted by usgser View Post
" but primarily fuel mileage for an open road cruiser."
IF fuel consumption is a major factor for you A sidecar outfit isn't where to look.
My Ural which I don't run above 60 mph gets about 28-34 mpgs depending on road, load etc. A buds 200x Electra Glide w/ factory chair gets 25 mpgs. Buds Goldwing w/chair gets 18 mpegs. Another bud w/hacked 1200GS gets about 30-32 mpegs. A neighbors 07 Enfield w/cozy car does pretty good at 40 mpegs but it'll only run at a steady 40-45 mph. Just from my talking to folks with sidecars I figure adding a chair to a solo you can expect about 1/4 to 1/3 less mpegs than you got as a solo especially if hwy speeds are your intended use. Building a sidecar outfit for good fuel consumption and hwy use seems counter productive to me. If I were to build an outfit for local use I'd consider an evo Sportster or 650 klr. For hwy flying probably an oilhead GS. In any case adding a chair is going to give you a substantial hit in fuel consumption. PS: above numbers are all on the camel piss government mandated gasoline(E10).
Good luck.
I know that an outfit isn't a fuel efficient vehicle per sey, but the better the mileage the further I can go on a fixed income (retired). That's why it needs to be a carbureted older bike, cost. I avoid the dual lanes as much as possible anyway. Goldwings are a bit too heavy for me at this point. I did buy one of the first Wings on the east coast back in 75. It was a little too smooth for my taste. I do like the parallel twins.
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