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How much would each of the above cost me? I'm probably going to replace the seat either way, so you can leave that cost off of the suzuki, which as I understand is a mandatory upgrade for it. I WOULD EXPECT 2,500-3,500 DEPENDING ON HOW "USED" IT IS

I know neither bike is any good for two-up, but if I HAD to, which would be better?KLR FOR SURE. MY WIFE AND I 2UP ALL THE TIME WITH NO ISSUES AT ALL.

I noticed that the KLR seems more suited to carrying a bunch of luggage. Is it far enough ahead in this catagory to be worth factoring this into my choice? NO, THE DR CAN HOLD ALL YOU WOULD NEED

Though I come from an atv trail riding background, I'm a complete newbie at dirt riding two wheelers. The suzuki is significantly lighter, but several people in this thread and others say they ride their KLRs in single tracks. As a newbie, will I be able to? MUCH EASIER ON THE DR, BUT WITH EXPERIENCE, THE KLR CAN JUST ABOUT GO ANYWHERE THE DR CAN

The DR, by way of having a lot less plastic, looks to be less sensitive to being dropped. I am expecting to drop my bike on the trails. Can the KLR survive drops, and if not, how hard would it be to add that protection? PLENTY OF AFTERMARKET PROTECTION ACCESSORIES TO AVOID THIS ISSUE AND FAIRLY SIMPLE TO INSTALL HANDGUARDS, CRASH BARS, ETC...
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