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Originally Posted by brianwheelies View Post
It is the Drop model with chromo fork. I could have gotten another bike with what I have put into this one.

I don't care much for the shifters/derailleurs as the seem a little sloppy and need constant adjustment.

Also not sure what bars are going to work best. I am never on the drop portion of the bars so bull horns with mtb style shifters and levers could be an option.
sounds like you should hav ebought a hybrid, then, and not a road bike.

(thats got rather fat 35c tires on it, there are hybrids with thinner wheels).

I second the motion on compact 50-34 cranksets... I put one on my last bike, and plan on doing the same to this one. I setup the last one so that the 50 could be used in all 8 rear gears and the 34 could only be used in the lower 4 or so, by modifying the chain line so the 50 was nearly centered on the rear. This was very effective, I rode the bike on the 50 most of the time, and only used the 34 for hill climbs. the modern setup is a 2x10 using a compact crank and a 10 speed rear, this gives you very close spaced gears with out having to constantly shift the front back and forth like you did with older setups like the classic 52-42 front on that old Motobecane I posted a couple back.
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