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Originally Posted by Johnny Tarr View Post
Ok, so the options appear to be:

1. Get a KLR and dirtify it, or
2. Get a DR and streetify it.

So, here are some more questions for you guys.

How much would each of the above cost me? I'm probably going to replace the seat either way, so you can leave that cost off of the suzuki, which as I understand is a mandatory upgrade for it.

I know neither bike is any good for two-up, but if I HAD to, which would be better?

I noticed that the KLR seems more suited to carrying a bunch of luggage. Is it far enough ahead in this catagory to be worth factoring this into my choice?

Though I come from an atv trail riding background, I'm a complete newbie at dirt riding two wheelers. The suzuki is significantly lighter, but several people in this thread and others say they ride their KLRs in single tracks. As a newbie, will I be able to?

The DR, by way of having a lot less plastic, looks to be less sensitive to being dropped. I am expecting to drop my bike on the trails. Can the KLR survive drops, and if not, how hard would it be to add that protection?

I've never owned anything oil cooled like the DR. Is that an advantage or disadvantage? Can anyone elaborate on this for me please?

I'd love to, but the local dealer doesn't allow test rides on anything but cruisers.

Edit: I am buying used, for those who have commented on that. I just keep mentioning dealers because its the easiest way for me to get up close with the bikes.
To make the KLR better in the dirt, put a new shock on the rear and new springs in the forks, or intiminators.
Cost to do that will range from $500-$700 depending on what you go with.
I put a Progressive 465 w/RAP shock and Progressive springs on mine for just under $500. You can do it cheaper if you don't get the RAP.
You'll need decent tires that are DOT approved for street and good for dirt. I went with Pirelli MT21.

2up you're better off with the KLR. It has a larger seat than the DR.
You'll want to upgrade the subframe bolts. That will cost between $5 and $20 depending on what kit you go with.

As a noob, take it slow on the single track until you get more comfortable. You'll drop the bike. No doubt. As many others have and continue to do. Myself included. I added a skid plate and crash bars to mine for a cost of about $350.
As far as the plastics go, they are just to make the bike look pretty. You can take them off if you're worried about damaging them. But I still suggest you get protection for the engine and radiator.
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