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Lets ride
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. If we decide to meet at the Rutter's in Fayetteville (Greenwood), we can then choose which direction (north or south) to head toward first, there are plenty of gas stations, convenience stores, restrooms, places to eat, parks, etc., whichever way we choose. Just sayin'!

I would also be interested in what people are riding. I can bring the F800, or the TE250 (jeff, I might have to park at your house if I bring the TE).
I have no idea of the fuel range of the TE250. It holds 1.9 gallons, it has highway gearing (15 x 50) , but I have heard of people getting less then 50 miles in "off road race" conditions.

If one weekend is smaller bikes, then that is what I will bring, if the other weekend is larger bikes, then that is what I will bring.
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