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Supermoto and ADV Exhaust ?s

Most aftermarket exhausts for the CARB Adventures and Supermotos will fit up to either bike. The main difference and the reason why they have two different part numbers is because the angle at which the exhaust silencers are hung on the two models is different resulting in a slightly different angle at which the tip of the silencer exists the can. It isn't too noticeable so you can get away with it with no one commenting about it or threat of heating and melting a certain bodypart.

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Sno, I posted the same question over there a while back, and never got a reply. So I'm at a loss here, I guess I could try calling FMF, and I've also got an email into the guys at KTMTwins, and I didn't know it at the time, but I was up at Scuderia West last week, and that is where KTMTwins is based out of also. So I missed out on talking to those guys and asking them in person.

Anyone else have any idea if they are the same?
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