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Originally Posted by ray h View Post
For you to "win" this, you must change my mind.
You probably won't do that.
The poll was asking about the U.S. It didn't ask about Europe.
I think filtering, splitting etc is disrespectful and encroaches of the space cushion of other people.
See my last post. THIS is the attitude we need to change. ...and its coming from 'one of us.'

I highly recommend spending some time in CA before you start making blanket statements. It will literally change your mind about the whole filtering/sharing thing.

I'll start debunking the filtering thing. How many motos do you know that can't out accelerate a car? Even Hardleys can... If you can out accelerate a car, how are you disrespectful and/or encroaching on someone's space cushion by filtering?

IME filter to the front, out accelerate the car next to you, and you've done a few things: A. you're not in the queue at the light. B. you're out of the way even before you get thru the intersection. C. you've facilitated smooth movement thru the intersection by ALL those behind you 'cause they didn't have to wait for yet one more vehicle to go thru the intersection. etc etc etc.

Feelings have nothing to do with any of that.

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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