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Originally Posted by Yossarian™ View Post
It does just fine unless you also have added the detergent.

How many of you are drenching your filter with No-Toil? I spray mine on but don't go overboard, then while wearing nitrile gloves, will work it into the filter until the orange filter is a nice uniform pink color, indicating that the oil is well dispersed. Doing it in this manner, I have never had dripping or excess oil making its way out of the filter.
I have never used No-Toil, the past two times I used UNI filter cleaner on it and then used a UNI filter oil. I was sure this time not to over oil it. Hoping this stops the filter oil leaking out. The UNI directions say to fill the bottom of a bucket with the oil and use the filter to soak the oil up (not exact wording, but pretty much what it says). I did not do this. I placed the oil on the filter and worked it in with my hands. It's been a couple weeks and still not dripping so im hoping this fixed my dripping issue.
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