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Originally Posted by TOzman View Post
Just goes to show it's all about perspective/background. I'm 5'8", 29" inseam, and just bought a 2013 KLR this week. Coming off a Fatboy, this bike is 300 pounds lighter, so it feels like a featherweight, which is why I dont mind only being able to put the balls of feet down. The Fatboy was light compared to the Ultra Classic I had before that.

I also looked at the DR, but after sitting on one it just didnt feel as good as the KLR.

My new Sargent low seat should be delivered today, which should give me an even better foothold.

You have to buy what is comfortable for you, or else you won't enjoy the ride and will always be nervous when you're on it. Good luck in whatever purchase you make.
Yup. Perspective carries a LOT of weight in a decision like this. I came from streetbikes too, but 400-900cc streetbikes that weighed less than 600lb. I'm 5'8"/200lb and I much prefer the DR over the KLR for dualsporting. I wouldn't want to ride anything bigger or heavier on singletrack than the DR. KLRs feel monstrous to me, while the DR feels fine on the slab to me. I don't even need a windscreen, while a lot of people feel serious windblast without one. I was also fine, solo, on the stock DR seat. Many people can't even handle it for an hour. I prefer the Seat Concepts, by far, when 2up though.

I'd even be willing to downsize a bit, now that the WR250R can be powered up a bit, and a wide-ratio gearset is available for the DR-Z400.
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