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Originally Posted by WindSailor View Post
After reading this thread for awhile now, this too is my only real concern. The move to LED's can be part of the argument, but not all of it. All 'newer' electronic 'in general' equipment draw less amperage than their predecessors - but some things like heated gear pretty much stay constant.

If I added up all the electrical stuff up for the wife and I when we are two up (in cold weather), using heated gear -top and bottoms-, going to heated seats, gps, extra lights etc. etc. we're close to 40 amps which is 560 watts total.

Doesn't take an engineer to figure that one out.

We're both older and like to stay warm, and I sincerely plan to stay the path on that one.

I thought I read where the new alternator is only rated for 580 watts.

OUCH !!!!!

They really missed the boat on this one. But then again sometimes they have a hard time getting out of their own back yard.

So........ BMW is now telling me that I should leave my wife home from now on....?
That won't necessarily go over to well...

This day and age I would expect alternators to be more compact, efficient and more powerful than before. MAYBE they'll come up with an upgrade kit to a higher rated alternator as an alternative.

Other than that this overall bike upgrade is simply massive.

I love pretty much all that they have done - they have gone in the right direction on a lot of things.


If I can't have creature comforts when I'm traveling (which safety and comfort are 1 and 2) when it's sometimes cold out - then make no mistake I'll jump the fence and go visit the neighbor and ride his bike. Nufff said.
There seems to be some conflicting data on the alternator..620 in some places and 580 on the USA website. My guess is this is big as they can go using an internal design rather than the old automotive alternator and belt used on previous GS models. Has anyone seen a similar integrated motorcycle alternator with more power than 620?
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