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Isn't that dangerous?
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Thanks for the reply. Mine is getting a tad harder to start somedays, and I often wonder if its in need of a carb sync.I get pretty good economy though, 43 mpg average so far. Over the winter I plan to remove the canister shit, (install tkc 80s, dr beans fuel pump mod, new clutch slave, check valves and finish my skid plate) and I was thinking maybe I should clean and sync the carbs up as well. Couldnt hurt I guess!

Where are you guys getting your 525 15 tooth sprocket? I wanna try one!
Other possible hard starting issues:

When my battery was heading south and it was harder to start the bike, once a new one was installed, it would fire right up.

I had an issue with the carbs (previous to them being out of sync) The rear carb would work its way off the intake a bit so that I was not getting a good seal. I make sure to occasionally open up the airbox and see that the carbs are seated all the way. I think the vibes on the bike will make them work themselves off over time.

These bikes are extremely sensitive to vacuum leaks. I now run the SAS block off plates, but previously one of the caps had fallen off the remaining plumbing and caused some running issues till it was plugged back up. ( My cannister and most of the plumbing was removed the first month or two I had the bike.)
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