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Originally Posted by Mike_drz View Post
... some angry drivers try want to block once they spoted a motorbike.
Quite true. Veteran lane-splitters look for it, and you need to be going slow enough to react.

The rule in Cali is, " a safe and prudent manner." The LEO's opinion is the final say on the matter in court.

BTW -- lane splitting and filtering in Cali is not encoded in state statute one way or the other. It's all based on a letter issued by the CHP some years ago stating their own position on the matter -- when they will and will not give out "illegal lane change" tickets.

County courts all follow that letter, even at the local cop & sheriff level. So, it's almost a "common law" matter in this state.

In my experience, I've seen and heard of tickets for splitting only when the splitter is doing so in traffic that is actually rolling along. If the traffic is moving at about 40mph or better, you're increasing your odds of getting a ticket.
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