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We care...

I am so sorry for your neighbor's loss. I'm also happy to hear that you are ok after your crash in Alaska.

These are things that came to my mind when I read this thread...for what they are worth:

1. Be the change that you desire. So we've all noticed there is an increase in apathy...the thing you can do is not succumb. Don't use other's apathetic responses as your justification for bad behavior. If you see other's with bad super polite wherever you go. If you see other's cutting people off. Make it a point to let them in when it's your turn. Lead by never know whom your ripples may touch =)

2. These newspapers were in two different states. I think perhaps it would give too much credit to TX newspapers to be watching MN news for an article of interest (unless it were national level).

Keep your head up...
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