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Originally Posted by EJ_92606 View Post
Sure oil still provides some cooling, but my understanding is that the water radiator has replaced the oil cooler, correct?
Sure seems to be that way...the oil flow schematic shown in post 2747 doesn't show an oil cooler.

I like the sort of puts the GS back on the map for me. The wet clutch is key. I think it looks a modern way...I could do without the forked tounge on the beak though. Since all the lights are now LED, the reduced alternator output is a non-issue. And having the oil fill and the sight glass on the same side..genius ! The instruments look tidy--but I would have preferred a digital speedo. The wind protection looks like it could be better --the screen seems to be closer and more angled back toward the rider with bigger ears (the dark grey plastic down low).
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