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Originally Posted by manfromthestix View Post
Hey, AteamNM, I grew up in New Mexico, learned to ride there, competed in trials with NMTA and rode motocross for a bunch of years, all from home base in Santa Fe! Glorious riding country, amazing deserts and gorgeous mountains, learned to LOVE skiing at Santa Fe Basin, Taos, Sandia, etc. My family moved to Wyoming from NM and I lived there for 34 years before moving to Lexington, Virginia about 5 years ago. It's a whole different world out here, too ferking many people (traffic hell on the main roads), but the riding is very very good. I think you'll have fun on your KLR, sounds like a great trip! PM me for ride suggestions if you are interested - I'm ~160 miles from Richmond and only 20 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sounds like a great ride!


I plan to head west-NW out the Waynesboro - Charlottesville area and take highway 33 or 39 across the Blue Ridge mountains. I will ultimately head toward the Greenbank, Snowshoe and New River Bridge area and then make my way across to the KY/WVA/Ohio area. Thinking of camping up in the mountainslike Bull Pasture, elevations in the +3K range. But then it could be raining, cold and miserable? So the no plan plan may be best. Camping on or very near the WVA side or not. Not sure how late of a start I will get out of Waynesboro. Would like to have some good camping options, scenic and should not be crowded on a Wednesday evening. No after dark riding the first day. I keep telling myself that you don't know what you are doing.

So how long ago was it that rode trials in NM? I have been a NMTA member for 15 years. We have a 2 day event in Roswell this weekend but I have to work.
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