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Since this post was buried under the usual avalanche of gargantuan photos, I'm going to repost it.

Thoughts while watching practice.

The championship is now between the two cheating front wings. Red Bull have a new, droopy nose this weekend. Better to rotate the wing. And surprise! All of a sudden, they're quick again. Game on with McLaren. Ferrari are toast.

Lewis Hamilton might win the title and jump from a winning team to a losing team.

Mercedes just hired Nicki Lauda to work/travel with the team and report back to the board. A spy. Hiring a disruptive presence like Lauda shows a complete lack of faith by the Mercedes board in Norbert Haug and Ross Brawn. When Lauda joined Jaguar, the team imploded. There's open speculation that Ross Brawn may leave Mercedes.

I think Mercedes are a mess. They only committed themselves to F1 because they could sign a big name driver, which is a crappy reason to stay in a sport. And they apparently believe F1 will remain committed to the V-6. What if Todt backtracks under pressure? And now they inject Nicki Lauda to be a spy for the board.

I think Hamilton is going to regret his move. Mercedes are not built to win.

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