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2012 ISDE USA "Club" Riders

Everybody probably recognizes names (and possibly numbers) of the “Hired Guns” on the 2012 USA ISDE Trophy and Junior Trophy Teams but who knows the USA “Club” Team Riders and Women’s Riders? Jethrodog and I got to watch pretty much the entire ISDE in Sachsen, Germany last week and shot lot’s of pics (Sorry, not at the Nachtflug level) and video (Nope, not Cecil B DeMille) hitting almost every Special Test. We made it a point to watch the Tests in their entirety to cheer on all of the USA riders, we also yelled for the Aussies, Canadians, British and South African Riders, basically any English speaking countries because we figured they’d understand out native tongue.

“Club” is a relative term, because from what we saw it’s a pretty exclusive “Club” there’s a heck of a lot of talent out there!!! Skill, determination, physical fitness, pride, and a bunch of other things set these folks above the rest!!!

First ones up, Tony Agonis team consisting of Nick Hamill, #479, Josh Knight #579 (you may have heard of him…) and Mike Jolly, #679.

Next are the Go Fasters with Nick Canny, #446, Zach Klamfoth, 546, and
John Maier, 646.

And for grins here's some video from the first run of the Special on Day 1 at Erlbach (I think they ran this one a total of nine times) sorry for the enthusiasm, I'm just getting my voice back....

I’ve wanted to attend the ISDE since 1972 when I saw On Any Sundayat the Benjamin Franklin Village Theater here in Germany, as soon as I found out this year’s event was in Germany I knew I’d be attending and I’m really glad I did! As the images are sorted we’ll get at least one shot of every USA club rider posted.

Whoops already hosing it up!

Here's Zack:

It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!

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