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Originally Posted by dan-c View Post
I don't think it's a good idea to have a dimmer on an ac motor unless it's made for it. IIRC it's a fire hazard from the heat generated by low voltage to the motor.
It's called out in the specs. There are several options on this unit. High speed only, low speed only, two speed (with a spdt switch) or variable speed. They do not call for a PWM, a rheostat is fine. From the literature:

Models 100, 100x and 125

Single-phase, 120V 60Hz, shaded pole induction asynchronous motor in die cast aluminum. All
motors include direct two speed connection and are also suitable for voltage speed control.
Class ll electrical insulation (model 100) & Class l (models 100x and 125)
IP 44 Protection
Class B Motor Insulation
Safety auto reset Thermal Overload Protection (fuse type)
Self-lubricating sleeve bearings.
Suitable for working airstreams up to 104 F (40C).

I dont' remember if I have an "X" or not. The X has a self-resetting breaker, instead of a fuse.
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