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Originally Posted by pluric View Post
Clueless here. Do you remember the part number. Was it just bulbs or did you have to
add the ballasts too?
It's a universal kit.

Select 55 Watt
Select H7 Bulb
Select 4500 K color temperature (this is straight clear/white. Any higher temperature has blue painted on the bulb, therefor reducing the effective output, and any lower temperature has yellow painted on them, with the same results)

Each side has 2 parts, a bulb and a ballast (with attached igniter).

The bulb goes in normal, but you drill a hole in the back of the cover for the grommet/wires to come straight out.

The ballast can mount anywhere within about 10" of the bulb. I put mine on the inside and under the winglets mounting holes. One on each side (symmetrical like). The ignitor and connectors tucked behind the side panels so they're hidden. The ballasts are fastened with three heavy duty zip ties each, and are solid as a rock. I don't mind the look (you have to look in there to actually see them), but you could probably hide them behind the side panels completely if you wanted.

You can see one bulb and ballast here, with wires going behind the cowling. You can also see the sheethed red/black wires above the light which come from the other side ballast where they join behind that ballast, and run down to the relay by the battery.
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