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Originally Posted by Dukeryder View Post
The Celica became a FWD car and soon after the 86.5 Supra came out, the Supras went more into super car territory and the Celica eventually became a hairdressers car.

I disagree that the Scion FR-S should be called the Celica, the new FR-S is a pure RWD sports car which the last time a Celica was RWD was over 25rys ago! Even though it's roots were as a RWD sports car, it spent more time as a sporty FWD (save the all-tracs) sporty coupe. And it definitely doesn't deserve to be called a Supra either since it's only a 4cyl.
I agree. The FR-S looks back at the the 2000GT, S800 and the Corolla GT-S. In Japan and Europe it's called the GT-86 which I think is what they should have called it in the US, Toyota like using letters and not numbers here in the US though.

I always liked the GT-Four's. Carlos Sainz won the WRC Driver Titles in '90 and '92 in his ST185.
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