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long trips on small scooters

Has anybody ever here ever taken a long trip (at least 1000 miles or more) on a scooter no bigger than 150cc? I have traveled all over the country (33 states and part of Mexico) on large street bikes, either Goldwings or Japanese cruisers, almost all of it on interstates. I now have 3 scooters, a 2 stroke Stella, a Vino 125, and a Zuma 125. The Stella is my favorite by far, it is an absolute blast to ride around locally, and to tinker with. But I doubt it's reliability on a long trip. I am plotting a 1300+ mile trip across 3 states, avoiding freeways, and taking a different route there and back. Some of the roads I can only guess at, as they are only lines on maps, so I don't have a clue about road conditions. This will be pretty much restricted to AZ, NM, and TX, so cold weather should not be a problem. The Vino has over 20,000 miles on it, and has just been completely serviced, including new tires, belt, rollers, and valves. The Zuma is new and is just broken in. Either should be reliable. I realize there would probably be a big difference in traveling at highway speeds on freeways, and taking backroads on a small scooter. Both scooters drop below 40 mph on long climbs.

I read the story of Pete's trip to AK on a Genuine Rattler 110, but that is a LOT more than I had in mind. I just want to go out and spend a few days on the road in relatively safe conditions.
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