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Originally Posted by 4PawsHacienda View Post
You need one of each, a hack plus a 2 wheeler. I have a GS plus a Ural Retro, find myself taking the Retro everywhere but if I need to get somewhere or have some miles to cover I take the GS.

I see from another thread you're planning on hitting the BRP soon, PM me. I have a place near milepost 199 (US Hwy 52 and Fancy Gap VA) and if I'm there you can try out the retro on the BRP - a road and speed limit perfect for a Ural.

A GS with a tub sounds like a winner to me.
I may take you up on that!! We're about to cross into Arizona so have a little ways to go, but we've been looking forward to the BRP. Having a blast so far except that highway 40 out of California is a bland and boring road (we're used to this scenery).

It's a blast to ride my GS Rallye - I love the way this beauty handles - but the idea of hacking her is becoming more and more enticing. The idea of bringing my pup on these excursions (of which there will hopefully be many more), as well as being relatively unafraid over rough terrain (yes, I really am a total wuss), is a big draw. Plus, I find these hacked bikes to be so awesome!!

Man, I'm almost ready for this cross-country trip to be over so I can start really researching my options (and its only day 2!).
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