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Originally Posted by nukemm View Post
Perhaps I should clarify my second point. The gearing on the 650 is a bit better for highway, but the seat is still seemingly made of plywood. I wouldn't want to sit on the DR650 or DRZ400S for more than an hour going down the road, but even with the stock seat I can manage 2+ hours without too much discomfort on my KLR.

Maybe a Gen1 KLR would be the best compromise?
'Definitely better than a new one for getting thrown around off-pavement.

Still better road manners than a DR650,
Please explain. I read this a lot on this site, but also see many KLR complaints of buzziness/vibes, needing to keep the revs below 5K to conserve oil, needing to keep the speed down because they're over-revving/working at 70MPH+, getting blown around by large vehicles, buffeting with the stock screen, etc. These complaints don't seem to be nearly as common among DR riders.

not as much plastic to break, more robust than the Gen2 KLR in the off road category, lighter weight, and still KLR simple.
A good seat for the Zooks can be had for $160 or less though, and some people are fine on the stockers. I did many days over 200 miles on it, with a few over 1000 miles. Aftermarket options add even more comfort. YMMV.

There are wide-ratio gearsets available for the DR-Z now as well. I've really enjoyed my DR650, as well as a few other peoples' DR650s , but if I can have a dirtier DR-Z with the same or better gearspread for dual duty, I'm likely adding one to the garage sooner or later.

With a durable and lightweight 220-mile+ tank, and a comfy aftermarket seat (maybe a windscreen for some people too), long-distance travel capability is no longer an issue on a DR or a wide-ratio DR-Z. DIRT capability still is though, and there's already a streetbike in the stable, hence my lean towards the dirtier Zooks.
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